Stuff4psychologists VS Jealousy – 4 TiPs

How to overcome jealousy ?

Jealousy is one of my problems…

1. Work = flirting place;

2. Gym = flirting place;

3. Night out with friends = flirting place;

4. Phone / WhatsApp / Facebook … whatevvvvva = flirting place

There is something wrong with me.. or with US ?!

Some TRICKS to feel better:

1. STOP your brain when it goes on the “jealousy-mode” … it’s not good for you!!! (if your partner wants to cheat on you, he/she will in any case, even if you are jealous)

2. TRY and think of what you are going to do together to enjoy your night/day (again… STOP your brain… you won’t find him/her at the bus stop hand in hand with someone else…maybe in one of your nightmares yes…)

3. ACT normal when you meet your partner after a jealousy-thinking-session… showing your extreme jealousy is NOT GOOD.. you could start arguing… for something you can handle !!!

4. ASK your partner to help you being less jealous.. example: when he/she is out with friends a text saying “I’m having fun, but I miss you” or… “I love you” … will cheer you up and help you with your negative thinking !!!


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